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Хандра После Расставания смотреть онлайн

Sam (Samantha Saint), a “lifestyle” newspaper columnist, discovers her wannabe rocker boyfriend is cheating on her and kicks him to the curb. Apprehensive, she slowly decides to get back into the dating game and to document her experiences for her column. A blind date and speed dating prove to be disastrous and Sam’s dating future appears to be doomed. Will the Break-Up Blues continue or can Sam snap out of it and find true Love?

Хандра После Расставания онлайн

  • Название: Breakup Blues / Break Up Blues
  • Время: 02:34:16
  • Язык: Оригинал
Хандра После Расставания
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Vicky 6 марта 2015 14:04
This aritlce went ahead and made my day.
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