Большой Член для Кати порно видео

Большой Член для Кати
It's time to slip and slide! Louie Smalls is prepared to have Kate Bloom over for a quick fuck and to go have fun on the slip and slide, but when he finds out that this is going to be her first black dick, he knows he has to make it special. She's so much smaller than he is, so he has to show off his muscles. He picks her up and bench presses her. She takes off her clothes and shows off her cute, tiny body. She can't wait any longer to see how big his dick is. She pulls it out and is amazed! It's the biggest dick she's ever seen. She starts to suck it and can barely fit it in her mouth. Then they go outside and she runs across the slip and slide right to his dick to suck it some more. Once back inside, he wants to know what her pussy feels like. They start to fuck in different positions and her tiny body can barely take it, but she loves it so much, and all she wants it that big black cock to bust a load all over her pretty face.

Порно видео Большой Член для Кати онлайн

Название: Kates First Big Black Cock
Год: 2019
Страна: США
Студия: MonstersOfCock
Язык: Оригинал
В ролях: Kate Bloom
Время: 00:32:19
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